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Anime for Beginners

Person watching Netflix on a tablet

If you enjoy spending some time in front of the television, you’re probably well acquainted with streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. There are plenty of shows to watch if you’ve got a subscription to these services, but we want to highlight the animated Japanese shows available for viewing known as anime. If you’re not familiar with anime, don’t worry, because we’ve got a few suggestions for you to watch to get you started in this week’s Lexington Hills Blog. 

One-Punch Man (Hulu)

Many superheroes struggle with handling their powers and many find themselves seeking to get stronger to defeat stronger enemies, but that’s not the case for Saitama. Join Saitama in his difficult journey in becoming a hero, even though he’s capable of winning every fight with just one punch. The series only has one full season that’s 12 episodes long with a second season coming out. Will Saitama become the greatest hero? Find out by watching!

Sword Art Online (Netflix and Hulu)

What would you do if you were stuck in a virtual reality video game and dying in the game means dying in real life? To get out, you have to clear 100 floors of the game’s dungeon. Kirito, an avid video gamer, finds himself in that exact situation and has to find his way out. Will he beat the game or will he find himself succumbing to the constraints of the game? Sword Art Online is the perfect gateway into the world of anime. 

My Hero Academia (Hulu)

Imagine a world where almost everyone has superpowers and there are schools that exist for people to train to become superheroes! My Hero Academia explores one boy’s experience going from powerless to inheriting the powers of the world’s most iconic superhero: All Might! This emotional series is one of strength, honor, and growth! Enjoy three full seasons and a fourth season coming out soon! 


Enjoy these shows from the comfort of your own apartment! We hope you like these suggestions. If you’ve got some anime suggestions, share them with our Eagan, MN apartment community!