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Checking In to Start the Year

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With a new year, it’s a good time to start it off fresh by organizing and cleaning up your apartment space. The holidays can sometimes leave us feeling exhausted and burned out — and often, our space may feel the same way. In today’s Lexington Hills Blog we have tips to help you get back on your feet and get things in order after the holiday season. We hope you enjoy your month here in Eagan, MN.


Give yourself a clean slate to work with before you focus on organizing by first cleaning your apartment. Remove any leftover decorations from the holidays, clear away (or throw away!) the clutter, and clean and disinfect each area of your home. Start with bigger chores to get them out of the way, and go room by room so you don’t have to waste time stopping and starting various chores in the middle of them. Get every nook and cranny cleaned by trying these 31 ways to seriously deep clean your home. It might take time and effort, but you’ll feel infinitely better when you do!

Checking and Reporting

As you’re cleaning and getting everything looking fresh, make sure they’re actually functioning how they’re supposed to. Check things that often go under the radar, like smoke detectors, outlets, light bulbs, pipes, and vents. Report anything broken or anything that isn’t working properly to our maintenance team to get it fixed and taken care of.

Take an Inventory

Make your home functional: double check that everything in it is working the way it needs to. Check outlets and lights, fix or report to maintenance leaking pipes or sinks, clean vents, and test smoke detectors. Make note of anything else you’ll need help from maintenance or on-site management to fix or address.

Do you have any organization tips for after the holidays? Share them with us in the comments below. Thanks for reading today’s post!