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DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas from Lexington Hills

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Today we’re excited to share a few DIY projects that are perfect for celebrating Thanksgiving in your Lexington Hills apartment. Some of these can be gifts, others can be centerpieces for your table, and two probably won’t last long after dinner. Enjoy these DIY Thanksgiving decorations as Thanksgiving in Eagan, MN approaches.  

Our first decoration idea comes from the House of Lavande blog, which is an extension of the upscale jewelry boutique in Palm Beach Florida. These Thanksgiving Fortune Cookies really caught our eye! The folding process is simple and the result perfect for this upcoming holiday!

Here’s a note from the author of the idea: “Give thanks inside a thanksgiving fortune cookie! Have them at the table tailored for specific guests, or have people fill them out and read them all as a group later in the evening. The creative options are endless!”

If you’re looking for that perfect Thanksgiving candle, then look no further. Spark & Chemistry has the perfect solution: Apple Candles. You’ll need a knife, melon baller, and pen for this crafty project to work. Head to a local grocery store here in Newark to find apples with that perfect fall color!

We love this idea for Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe! This project is great, especially if you have a lot on your plate while preparing for Thanksgiving. If you have kids running around, this tic tac toe table will help keep them distracted while you continue working!

Have you ever decorated with pears? This Thanksgiving Pear Decorations idea comes from Jessica Burns. We love it because of how simple yet effective it is! Just remember: “Word to the wise – don’t do these too far in advance. They only last for about 2 days before the bruising around the outside of the letters starts to show. I would do these the day before Thanksgiving”.

Thanks for reading today’s post! We wish you the best as you prepare for the upcoming holiday. Come back next time when we share a pie recipes to add some variety to the traditional pumpkin pie that is served for dessert after Thanksgiving dinner. Happy Thanksgiving!