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Hiking Tips Before the Summer Ends

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Were you able to get out and go hiking this summer? If not, don’t worry! There’s still a little bit of time before the weather gets colder here in Eagan, MN, so get out of your apartment and get hiking! In this week’s Lexington Hills Blog, we’ve got a few hiking tips for you so you can stay safe and have a great time exploring the wilderness.

Stay Hydrated

Water is vital to your mental and physical health, so keep plenty on hand for your hike (even if you’re taking a short, easy walk) to keep the energy levels high. You need a steady intake of water to keep your body regulated and to avoid dehydration because you’re losing plenty when you go to the restroom and as you sweat. So keep refueling and refilling your water bottle. The last thing you want is to be dehydrated and parched on a long hike with your friends! Keep safe, drink up!

Proper Clothing and Footwear 

What you wear can have a huge effect on how much you enjoy your hike, so invest in high-quality items. The American Hiking Society suggests trail shoes for short, simpler day hikes and hiking boots for rougher terrain and heavier loads. Hiking shoes will make your hikes easier while protecting your feet and legs from unwanted sprains and injuries. They also suggest wearing light layers of your clothes so you can adjust what you wear, especially if the weather turns bad or if you get too hot. 

Protection from the Sun.

Even if you don’t burn easily, or if you want a bit of a tan, you should still protect your skin and your eyes from the sun. Apply a good coat of sunscreen on exposed skin before you leave, and bring it with you so you can re-apply, especially if you’re going to be hiking for a long time. Don’t forget to get your ears, neck, and hairlines! Keep the sun out of your face and eyes by wearing a hat and some sunglasses!