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Keep the Sickness Away

Woman wearing a large scarf in the snow

November is here and the weather has become a constant cold. Aside from a few warm days here and there, the cold is persistent and can be the cause of developing sickness. In this week’s Lexington Hills Blog, we’ve got a few ways that you can keep yourself healthy through the colder months. 

Dress Warm

Keeping warm is integral to keeping healthy during the winter times. Keep your body warm by dressing appropriately for the weather here in Eagan, MN. Many people think that it’s adequate to just wear a thick coat and warm pants, but in order to stave off sickness, consider wearing thick socks and a warm hat. 


Aside from dressing warm, you’ll want to make sure your immune system is strong. One way to ensure that is by making sure you’re getting enough exercise! Daily exercise will boost your immune system, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be heavy, intense workouts. Find some time each day to put in approximately 45 minutes!

Wash Your Hands

This last tip is by far the simplest, yet most effective. Washing your hands properly will get rid of germs on your hands that you’ve come into contact with. Since you can’t control whether other people wash their hands or use proper hygiene techniques during the cold winter months, the best you can do is make sure your hands are clean. Be sure to use hot water and soap when you do wash up, and scrub your hands for approximately 20 or more seconds. 


Staying healthy and keeping sickness away requires effort during the colder months of the year, so utilize these tips and keep yourself from contracting an illness that is sure to ruin some of your plans. Do you have any ways you stay healthy? Share them with our apartment community by leaving a comment!