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Make a Splash with these Swimming Pool Games

Make a Splash with these Swimming Pool Games

The summer heat is still with us here in Durham, NC, so what better way to beat the rising temperatures than to take advantage of the apartment community swimming pool available here at Haven at Research Triangle Park? In today’s blog post, we’ve rounded up some entertaining pool games for you to try, so get together a group and head poolside soon.


Diving Scavenger Hunt

This game is for two teams. Collect duplicate items that are suitable for diving after, like diving rings, large coins, weighted water bottles, or assorted pairs of dive toys. Toss the items into the pool. Give each team a list of items to collect. The first team to collect all of the items on the list wins.


Mermaid Races

How long can you hold your breath? This game puts it to the test. Swimmers (also called mermaids or merpeople) line up on one side of the pool, and on the signal to go, swim underwater for the other side. The person who goes the farthest distance underwater wins. If strong swimmers reach the other side of the pool, they can flip around (while still underwater) and see how far back they can go. Just be sure to exercise caution and know what you can handle!


Duck Races

BYOD (Bring Your Own Duck) for this race! Swimmers line up at one side of the pool. On the signal to “go,” players must use their nose to push their rubber ducks to the other end of the pool.They can also blow the duck forward. However, they may not bite the duck and swim to the other end with it in their mouths. Nor can they touch their duck with their hands or feet.


Other swimmers can distract the participants by splashing water in their faces or splashing water toward their ducks to knock them backward. They just can’t actually touch the other players or the other players’ ducks. The first one to get their duck to touch the other end of the pool (obeying the rules) is the winner.


Marco Polo

Of course, a post about pool games would not be complete without that old favorite, Marco Polo. This game is essentially a swimming pool version of Blind Man’s Bluff. The swimmer who is “it” closes their eyes and calls out “Marco.” The other players reply, “Polo.” Marco then swims after the others and tries to tag them by following their voices. Some versions allow swimmers to momentarily leave the pool to confuse Marco. Be sure to have an observer to keep an eye on Marco so the player doesn’t run into the side of the pool.


What are your favorite pool games? Be sure to share in the comments.