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Thanksgiving Tips

A wide spread of different food

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and there is already plenty you probably need to do. If you’re hosting family and friends at your Eagan, MN apartment, chances are, you may need some help. To make your life a little easier and allow you to have a better Thanksgiving, we’re sharing tips for how you can prepare for Thanksgiving in this week’s Lexington Hills Blog. 

Confirm the Guests

Nothing is worse than inviting a group of people over only to realize that you don’t have enough food for all of them when they all come through your door. Confirm with your friends and family who will be attending your Thanksgiving meal so you can adequately prepare the food for all of them. A good way to keep organized is by creating a facebook event where you can keep track of who confirmed they were coming and who said “maybe”. 

Plan Your Menu

Once you’ve gotten a count of how many people will be attending, you can start planning the meal. You can opt for the traditional Thanksgiving turkey and additional side dishes, or branch out and try something different! Prime rib, chicken, and even seafood are good alternatives to the turkey. Keep your guests dietary needs in mind when planning your menu, and make sure to provide food that everyone can eat.

Make it a Potluck

If the amount of food you need to prepare for all your guests gets overwhelming, you can make it a potluck! Potlucks are a good way to involve your guests as well as make sure that there is enough food for everyone. Invite your guests to bring their favorite dish, or make a spreadsheet to keep track of the dishes each person is bringing so you don’t double up on anything!