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The Perfect Valentine's Day

a man floating over a beach while holding a bundle of pink and orange balloons as the sun sets on the horizon

We’ve all been there before. You had the perfect night out in Eagan, MN scheduled for Valentine's Day but then at the last minute, your plans fall through. Fear not! This month, The Lexington Hills Blog has you covered. We have some great Valentine's Day dates for you, both inside your apartment and out, that will save the day.

Make a home-cooked meal.

Not only will this be delicious, but you’re also sure to win your significant other over with your hard work and dedication to prepare something special for them. Maybe make their favorite meal, or feature something you know they love. If you’re not sure what to make, check out this list of romantic dinners that’s sure to win anyone over. Be sure to add a romantic flair with some candles and mood lighting as well. You can never go wrong with something homemade.

Go wine tasting.

There’s nothing more romantic than a night tasting expensive wines together. Luckily for you, Magnolia has a renowned wine tasting location that will be perfect. Head on over to Total Wine where you’re sure to win over your significant other. Make a reservation now!

Head out to a fancy restaurant.

It may be classic, but just because a lot of people do it, it doesn’t mean that you can’t as well. Maybe the two of you have a restaurant that you both love or one where you’ve made memories before. If your significant other likes, you could order your food in advance so that their favorite meal is ready and waiting upon your arrival. Wherever you decide to eat, make sure it has a sentimental value to show that you care.

Do you and your significant other have any traditions you like to keep around this lovely holiday? Where are your favorite places to go out together? Be sure to comment below and let us know. Thanks for reading our blog this month.